Hello readers! I hope you all have been enjoying your summer! For myself it's been pretty eventful. When I finished my classes in May, I was at several graduations, I got a brand new job that I'm in love with at New York and Co. I began an internship and I started summer school. Oh… Continue reading Prioritizing


I am not a wonder woman

I have waited approximately a year and half, for what was described as the most anticipated movie by DC comics. I finally got a chance to see wonder woman with my good friends from high school. If I could rate it in a scale of one to ten of give it a strong 6.5. The… Continue reading I am not a wonder woman

Mission trip chronicles pt 3!

Hey everyone! I definitely owe you all a post about the last two days of my trip lol. Thank you all for being patient with me in waiting for this last story about  my Mission trip. The last two days in Tallahassee flew by.  On Thursday, we did the contact table coffee cart again, we… Continue reading Mission trip chronicles pt 3!