About Autrela

My name is Autrela Prime! I am a senior at Columbus State University {Columbus, GA} majoring in political science with a minor in business. I have changed my major four times in school and I finally think I am in the right field. I will be graduating in May 2018 and hopefully starting a graduate program the following fall. I want to attend a historically black college or university and study public administration or law and maybe higher education and student affairs.

When I finish graduate school, I hope to run for a government office and eventually work my way up and work for congress or the senate, maybe even the court systems. I am very passionate about getting laws and policies changed for people of color, women, middle class Americans, and college students. However, I am not sure about where exactly I want to go, where God will send me, or what I really want to do and I am OK with that. God has a plan for my life and he knows the desires of my heart. I know He will send me somewhere in that direction because that is the calling on my life.

Last, but most important, I am a Christian and I love God! I want to share with anybody who will listen, about my testimony. God has done a lot of amazing works in my life and I want to be a blessing to someone else and share. My vision for this blog is to really share with people the love of Christ and how He has opened so many doors for me;  in addition to, my journey as a college student. I can’t wait to start sharing with you all!