…but did you read it

Happy New Year & Happy Valentines Day readers! I’ve missed you all dearly!

2017 for me was full of many highs and lows and I learned a whole lot. One of the most important things I learned about this year was reading. Yes I know reading is fundamental and it’s a building block, etc etc. However, I know how to read, last year I just decided not to.

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine and she was sharing her frustrations about school and she made a comment that sounded something like this. Professors are supposed to do a better job going over the materials in class, instead of just asking us to read all this stuff and asking us all these questions. So I made this comment to her, it was something my professor had just told us a few days prior. In grad school, your professor’s job is not to regurgitate what you were supposed to read in your textbook. Their job is to guide a discussion and get students to relate what they said to the class and the real world. So I said that and my friend said she understood what my teacher was saying. Even when I first heard that comment from my teacher, I was shook. It was midway through the semester and I had probably only read about 100 pages combined from all my textbooks between my 5 classes. I was pressed because I had so many other things to do and I had so much to read in order to catch up on everything. So instead of reading, I just did what most of my classmates did I skimmed through the materials and looked at summaries online to get my work done. However, when I got my grades I was slightly disappointed because I had borderline Bs, that really should have been As. And I just kept thinking if I had just read, I would have the grades I really want.

I also had a situation over the summer where a teacher kept asking me had I read such and such. And I would always say yeah I saw it or I’ll look through it later. Days would go by and she’d always ask me the same thing and I’d always have the same answer. So even if it was something super important I needed to see, my teacher would never tell me what my emails or readings said. She would just stress I needed to read it. After a while a caught the hint and I realized that I need to read in order to be a successful student and fully understand what is going on. It isn’t up to my teacher to tell me about what I should have read, that’s up to me to get that information. However, even though I did miss some assignments and overlooked some things, and I did get fussed at, I am grateful that my teacher didn’t just give me the answers.

I’ve learned that you will never get everything you’re supposed to get out of a class or even life if you don’t read the materials given to you. Last year I missed out on a lot and I was late on some things because of I either didn’t read, halfway read it, rushed through it, etc., instead of just taking my time and doing what I need to do in the first place. I’m sure my last year of undergrad isn’t the time to realize that, but better late than never right?

Nonetheless, 2018 is the year for expanding my knowledge and reading actual books (not on my phone). I’m challenging myself to really read for all my classes and find a really good book for leisure. Thanks for taking the time to read my new post and I’ll try to post more often this year!


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