I am not a wonder woman

I have waited approximately a year and half, for what was described as the most anticipated movie by DC comics. I finally got a chance to see wonder woman with my good friends from high school. If I could rate it in a scale of one to ten of give it a strong 6.5. The reason being is because I didn’t agree with some scenes {I’ll mention those later}, it was kind of unnecessarily long, and I did not like some of the allusions of the Bible. However, on the other hand I really had a great take away for myself and it’s not that I am a “wonder woman.” If you haven’t seen the movie and want to see it, don’t read this lol. I’m telling just about the whole movie. Also, I’m not going to talk about what I didn’t like in this post either. I’m going to save that for another one.

Any who, the movie starts with Diana’s origin story. She lives on Themescara, home of the Amazons {like I said if you follow DC you know what all this is} Ever since Diana was a child she wanted to be a warrior like her aunt. Her mom kept telling her she cannot learn how to fight like her aunt and all the other warriors because she was trying to protect her, which is what moms do. However, the Queen’s sister kept saying she needed to learn how to fight so she can protect herself against Aries the god of war.  So after a lot of begging from Diana and her sister, her mom reluctantly lets her train. Long story short, Diana is BEAST! She is really great at fighting and defending herself, but she lacks confidence in herself. A few more minutes into the movie and {I forgot his name, so I’ll call him Steve} Steve crashes his plane in Themascara, how he found that island is still a mystery. So Steve crashes his plane into the water and he almost drowns, but Diana saves his life. However, Steve has led a group of Germans right into the island, and before anybody can even process what’s going on here come all the Amazons and they are firing arrows at the Germans and an all-out brawl happens. The amazons won {of course}, but Diana’s aunt is killed in the process as she was protecting her.

{Let me back up a little bit, this is World war 2 that happening and Steve is a spy for London and he is describing this as the war of all wars, millions of people have died and more will continue to die, etc. etc.} So All the Amazons get upset with Steve because he brought those Germans over to that land, but even though Diana is upset, she keeps getting this feeling like this must be Aries causing all this war. She eventually decides she is going to go back to America with Steve. That same night, she  takes the lasso of truth, a shield, the “god killer” {sword}, and of course the wonder woman costume. While her and Steve are sneaking away, her mom meets them at the dock and she basically says that she knows she has to go, because this is part of her purpose in life, but she can never return home. Even though neither of them wants Diana to go and stop Aries, she goes, the last thing her mom said was “man doesn’t deserve you.”

I’m going to stop right here because I want to talk about my initial reaction. I cried during this part and I can’t remember if I cried because I was sad or I cried because I felt like Diana. See like Wonder Woman, we all have a purpose in life and everyone’s purpose is different. Just like Diana’s mom, a part of her purpose was to protect Themescara during the war while the other part was to protect her child. Meanwhile Diana’s is to kill Aries and bring world peace {or so she thinks}and to be wonder woman. A lot of times in our own lives, our life purposes are not the most desirable to others nor do they make a lot of sense, especially our loved ones. No parent wants to see their child intentionally put themselves in harm’s way even for the greater good. However, it is not up to our parents/grandparents/family/teachers/etc to stand in the way of what God’s purpose is for your life. It is up to you to decide to pick up your cross and follow God {Luke 9:23}.

Now if you have seen the movie, you know that Diana is very very passionate about the lives of others. Every time she sees someone in distress, she wants to stop and help them. That’s in the nature of who she is, she is kind and willing to fight for those who can’t do it for themselves. Again, I saw a little bit of myself in her because I am passionate about helping others too. All I want to do is help others in some capacity, my heart-strings are especially tugged when I see the evil in this world, especially in those countries that are in war. It makes me really sad to see children hurt or killed or even hungry and I don’t like to see women mistreated or abused. Because this has been on my heart and mind for a while, I know God is laying it on my heart to do something about these issues. I do not know if I am called to go over to those countries specifically and design something for those children or whether I should stay in America and help the children over her. The point of the matter is, I know I have to do something.

Another thing I wanted to point out was the quote “man doesn’t deserve you.” In the beginning of the movie, that was the last thing Diana’s mom said to her before she departed for America. At the end of the movie when Diana is fighting Aries he says it to her as well. {Again this is just my own personal takeaway} when Aries said that, something in my brain clicked. Man does not deserve the outside help of others, we are evil and basically we should get every bad thing we deserve.  Nonetheless, Diana says that we have love and that is what will ultimately save mankind. Pause! Now initially when she said that in the movie I said to myself, I waited 2 and a half hours for Steve to blow up and all Wonder Woman had to say was we have love and basically that she loved Steve. I was kinda perturbed by that, but what she meant was yeah humans are bad and we are corrupt etc. etc., but love for others counteracts all of that evil. To me, this was basically a biblical illusion that the world needs help, but {John 3:16~18} God loves us so much that he gave His only son, so that we won’t perish. I’m not sure if that is what the writers meant, but that is what I got.

You know what readers, I have been working on this blog post since the beginning of June, now that I have had more time to process I will share my final thoughts. I am not a Wonder Woman and God did not call me to be one.  Just like Diana, I have a purpose in life and you all do too. Some people’s purpose is to be a wonder woman, for others it  may be to be a nurse, pastor, or politician. The point is, watching this movie made me realize in myself that I am going to have naysayers in my life {case in point Diana’s mother} and a lot of times I am not going to know how to navigate through life on my own. But God sends us helpers like Steve, who are here for a brief amount of time, to help us get to where we need to go and get us closer to our purpose. The road to get there isn’t always easy like it is in the movies and a lot of days I have to fight and so will you. However,the same peace of mind Diana found in the film, we will have it too once we accomplish what God has called us to do, all of that fighting, worrying, and doubt we went through will all be worth the peace and joy in the end.

The truth is, a lot of stuff happened in this movie and I could probably write about each thing for an extended period of time. But I just wanted to share some things that I liked and thought of with you all. Maybe I’ll do a part two soon. Thank you for reading!

 Many plans are in a man’s mind, but it is the Lord’s purpose for him that will stand.
~Proverbs 19:21
“I know that you can do everything and that your plans are unstoppable.”
~Job 42:2

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