Should I really be bored?

Hello friends, family, and new readers! I pray that you all have been having a great and prosperous week/weekend. I first want to say thank you to everyone that has read my first three articles and shared it with a friend. That really means a lot to me!

I have a 9 AM class on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. When I say every week is a struggle to get there and then once I get there the next challenge is to stay awake, I am not being dramatic I promise. My professor is super detailed and loves history {I should be grateful for this because most college professors could care less} and every single day he is just rambling on and on and on about all this stuff that I don’t really care about. I probably should care about it though, but as of right now I don’t lol.

Likewise, in my devotional time I am reading the book of Joshua through my First 5 app and it feels like the same boredness I feel in my am lecture is how I feel reading Joshua. If anybody really knows me, you would know I hate history with a passion. I hate having to remember the dates and times that old things have happened and my attitude is if I feel like it does not currently affect me, it is not important. Nonetheless, in the devotional the author mentions

“Why would God spend so much time preserving the history—both good and bad—of His people? Consider that the entire twelfth chapter of Joshua lists just the defeated kings of Joshua’s conquest! These rearview mirror books and encyclopedic passages have a purpose. What is it? Well, I believe these collective chapters give us insight into the incomparable character of God. Books of history come alive when we look for the living God. He is the thread that strings them together. His glory is the lamp that sets each page a glow. We could yawn through the reading of Joshua 12, lost in a litany of old kings and ancient territories, or we could ask, “What does this passage tell me about God?”

~Whitney Capps (First 5 app)

In other words, {my interpretation} that book of the Bible is important. If it wasn’t God would not have added it. And just like Whitney mentioned, those historical books give us more insight on God’s character. Not to say that God is scary or cruel, but He is faithful and intentional. Instead of treating God’s word like a chore, I should see it more as a chance to learn more about Him. At the end of the day, God wants to know us and build a relationship with us, while at the same time giving us a chance to get to know more about Him {a relationship is a two way street}.

Therefore, the same way I should give God’s word a chance, I need to give my classes a chance. The same way I am trying to read a chapter a day in God’s word, I should at least read over my notes for the day in class. One more time, the same amount of effort I am going to put in to reading the book of Joshua, is the same amount {starting after spring break} of effort I am going to start giving in my Global Issues class! Nobody ever said this would be easy, in fact the Bible doesn’t even say that, but I am learning that the more I discipline myself with God’s time, that discipline will eventually start to fall on my school time.

Be encouraged! I pray that everyone who reads this will begin to treat their classes, jobs, and everything else they see as a chore or responsibility and treat it the way you would treat God’s word!

Whoever disregards discipline comes to poverty and shame, but whoever heeds correction is honored.~Proverbs 13:18

Those who disregard discipline despise themselves, but the one who heeds correction gains understanding.~ Proverbs 15:32 


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